Green Schools

To date, Faha NS have achieved many Green School flags including Litter & Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity. We have recently been awarded our 6th Green Flag which is Global Citizenship Litter & Waste.

Our Current Green School Committee consists of the following members: Louise O' Donoghue, Emjay Leslie, Elsa Daly, Jamie Murphy, Patrick O' Connor, Padraig Kimmage, Alyssa O' Connor, Joe Bradley, Lily O' Sullivan, Dave McCarthy, Aimee Scully, Harry Spillane and Green School CoOrdinator Ms O' Shea.

We are continuously working on the previous Green Flags we have been awarded.

Litter & Waste: Our commitee members regularly conduct litter and waste inspections in their classrooms ensuring the correct items are in each bin.

Energy: We are working extremely hard to preserve the amount of energy we use in our school. We are committed to only turning on the lights if necessary and always turning them off when leaving our rooms.

Water: we are in the process of replacing our current water butt wuth a newer and larger one which will be used to water our raised beds during the summer months. Also, while washing our hands we always turn off the tap until we are ready to rinse off the soap.

Travel: we have been awarded funding for a bike rack. We hope to have it installed no later than December 2022.

Biodiversity: Mr. FitzGerald, James and Ursula have recently constructed vegetable/ flower beds at the back of the school. Each class has been given a space to plant flowers/ vegetables of their chioce. There is also a wild patch out the back which we will observe throughout the seasons to observe the changes which occur to the patch.

Global Citizenship Litter & Waste: we are currently working towards this flag. We are promoting global citizenship by valuing diversity & also valuing the earth as very precious & as a resource upon which we need to care greatly for. We are committed to reducing, reusing & recycling. We have made many curricular links throughout the year to Global Citizenship in subjects such as Geography, SPHE, Art and Literacy. We have researched Sustainable Development goals & identified ways in which we can help to achieve these goals. We ran a 'Covid Style' day of Action on the 3rd of December 2021 where all classes took part in various activities in relation to Global Citizenship Litter & Waste. Such activities included making Litter & waste posters, making Christmas Decorations out of recyclable materials, inviting guest speakers from other countries to talk about their country, making dishes from other countries ensuring the use of Fair Trade products, researching Global Goals, learning songs/ dances from other countries. investigating electronic waste, watching environmentally themed documentaries & cartoons to name a few.

We are hoping to be awarded our 6th Green School Flag later this year but in order to do so we need the help of the whole school community. Our Green School team are asking you all to commit to keeping our local area litter & waste free as well as working hard to ensure you are all being mindful & valuing the earth around you in taking care of the wonderful resources on which we heavily rely. 

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