We are now using Britannica School, a free online rescource that provides a safe, age appropriate learning enviromnment.

This allows children to use the internet safely at home to complete homework or just have fun and it's absolutely free to use!!

If you would like to use this at home just visit www.scoilnet.ie and click on the "visit Britannica School" link. The foundation level search will provide age appropraiate information for Senior Infants and First Class. 

Have fun! 



We have been learning all about Tom Crean and his exploration of Antarctica. Tom was on three different expeditions but never actually made it to the South Pole.

In 1901 Tom joined Captain Scott on the Discovery but they got stuck in ice for over two years until they were rescued. A few years later Tom joined Captain Scott on a new ship called Terra Nova. This time Scott did reach the pole but died on his way back. In 1914 Tom tried again with Captain Shackelton on the Endurance but sadly the ship got stuck in the ice and they did not reach the South Pole.

We learned that Antarctica is very cold and the only animals to be seen are penguins and seals. During the expeditions the ships carried all their own supplies including sled dogs and sheep. Tom even had his own pony named Bones. We also learned that Tom smuggled his pet rabbit on board and while travelling she had seventeen babies so he could give one to each of friends!

If you would like to read more about Tom Crean click here.

As many of you will have heard, First Class have started learning computer skills. At the moment we are learning to type correctly with a program called Rapid Typing. This is a free download if any of you wish to practice at home please click here.

Have fun :) 




We have been learning about an Inuit boy named Aykcha who is 6 years old and lives in a place called Nuvavut in the North Pole near Santa. He told us that the weather is always very cold there and there is always ice and snow. During the winter the sun never comes and its always dark. In the summer it is always bright as the sun never sets. His favourite food is seal meat and his hobbies are playing hockey and watching TV. He also likes listening to his Grandfather's stories about long ago when he used to hunt and build igloos to keep warm.

The life of Inuit Eskimos Part 1

The life of Inuit Eskimos Part 2




This week we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, and we made pancakes in school with Delia and Nuala! We mixed all the ingredients with an electric mixer, fried them and everyone got to eat a yummy pancake! 







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